The beginning of something new

And so it starts. I've started over. The parent site, Packetfury, has been through a lot of changes, so many that a new site was needed. Packetfury was born as a site on computer security, followed by embedded security. For consulting work, the name Packetfury just didn't quite sound right to clients, and so I created TinyROM. A new adventure awaits us!

Packetfury was originally born in 1999, a team effort between some colleagues at NEC Computers International. We loved computer security, and on my home cable Internet connection, I hosted a site on a Pentium II computer that became a server, just for us.

We have the URL to a few people, and it didn't take too long for me to create a domain name, and a year later, I had hosted it on an external, professional server (besides, that cable connection came with a 500 megabyte cap, per month).

For the last 10 years or so, I've been doing 90% embedded systems, and so things needed to change. A new domain, a new website, and a new YouTube channel. Now I need to fill everything up with tutotials and reviews.