Keeping it light-weight

Embedded systems are supposed to be as lightweight as possible. Overly complex solutions make your design more expensive, slower to market and reduces your return. Always plan for the future, but don't go overboard with the design! At TinyROM, we always propose what you need, and suggest reasonable limits to your design.

Embedded Systems Consultancy

You have your next idea, you know what you want to create, but you don't know how to create it. We're here to help! We can help with the proof of concept phase, to get a prototype ready for you to show to investors or press. We can help with the development phase, from electronics to embedded code. We can manage your products, or help in a specific field as needed.

Your project. Your code.

We don't simply deliver binaries, and make you call us when you need to add features. You have access to our GitLab server, and you are free to download your code whenever you want. You have full control of your project, where and when you want.